donderdag 16 februari 2012

beshart is looking for 100 creatives - doedemee?

Glad we got your attention. And yes we are looking for 100 creatives... to re-do a cover from the top 100 Novels of All Time (The Observer - 2003). All project info can be found on, but to get you all excited here's what it is about in short: 
We are launching an open international call for artists to re-interpret all of the 100 book covers featured in the list mentioned above. The works will be turned into posters (postcards, ...) and part of the profits of sales will go to an organisation fighting illiteracy.

Feel the inspiration flowing and those fingers itching? Don't hesitate and head over to

update: projected mentioned on the book blog of The Guardian (here).
Don't wait too long now...

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